Time is of the essence

Prior to launching, we conducted some research to try to figure out what adults wanted to learn and what was keeping them from pursuing those passions. It wasn’t surprising to learn that 91% of the adults that we surveyed wanted to learn something new, but what did shock me was that only 28% of them were actually taking a class.


That is one massive gap.

We asked what exactly was standing in the way, and the most resounding response was lack of time. No time after work, no time between seeing friends, no time between running errands. No time.

That. Is. Crap.

Excuse my French, but is there really so much work to be done and so many friends to be seen that we cannot spare an hour or two a week for ourselves? I think not, and what better way to prove it than by example?

To do so, I have set myself the challenge to try one new thing a week. A huge feat, but I’m ready to do it because if we aren’t going to take the time to invest in ourselves, then what are we spending our time doing?

Stayed tuned to our blog for updates on my progress and to see if I can actually practice what I preach!

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