Learning {Photography}

With Instagram, everyone fancies themselves a photographer these days. With this clever app, we find more and more people posting artistic shots of…well, anything really. The ability to take gorgeous photos by simply using a predefined set of filters has not only flooded our newsfeeds with what everyone had for lunch, but also caused less and less people to learn the art of photography – myself included.

Taking pictures with a DSLR always seemed so complicated and overwhelming. I loved the results the camera would get, but asking me to move it off of auto mode was way more than I could handle. Enjoying the sound of the lovely CLICK the shutter would make was about as far as I ever got with a DSLR camera.

Because of this I knew learning photography had to be one of the first skills I would learn for the blog. If I was pushing other people to challenge themselves by learning new things, then I would start with one of skills that I was most intimidated by.

I registered for the evening sessions of Gulf Photo Plus’s Digital Photography Level One. This 8 hour course happens over 2 weeks, twice a week, which is perfect for someone with a full time job.

Students reviewing photos together

The course is mostly theoretical mixed with some practical work (and homework!). My class was taught by Khaled Termanini, a professional photographer and resident GPP instructor. His casual style was perfect for an adult class, as he maintained professionalism but never let the class feel too formal or serious.

During the first two sessions, we covered the basics – everything from terminology to the golden rules of composition. I was amazed at how simple it was to achieve amazing effects with a few changes of setting. We practiced in class and eventually were able to control the correct exposure and depth of field.

The second week became a little more technical, and we learnt some of the more complicated settings like metering and exposure compensation. Khaled also explained the different types of equipment to buy and warned us all not to buy more before we had mastered the equipment we already had. It’s not a cheap hobby after all!

Playing with sepia

Playing with sepia

By the end of the two weeks, I am definitely more comfortable with the camera I own. I do not take breathtaking photos yet, but that will take a lot of practice. Khaled’s belief is that there is no innate skill to photography, but it just takes a lot of dedication, practice, and trial & error. As a photographer himself, I found that quite humble of him to say.

I recommend this class to anyone who has a serious interest in taking photographs with a DSLR for personal or professional reasons. It is a great stepping stone to becoming a better photographer and is great value for money.

{The facts}
Activity: Digital Photography Level One
Provider: Gulf Photo Plus
Location: Al Quoz
Timing: Varies
Duration: 8 hours
Price: 730 AED
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