Learning {Hip Hop Ragga}

Hip hop is, hands down, one of the coolest forms of dance. I love its raw edge, urban feel and the total freedom you have to improvise. So when my friend asked me to go along with her to try Hip Hop Ragga at Capella Club, I was more than happy to oblige.

Hip Hop Ragga differs from classical hip hop, as it focuses on Ragga Dance Hall, which originated in Jamaica. The music used is a fusion between hip hop and ragga and is extremely fun. It’s impossible to keep still when it starts!

The class’s teacher Walid is also a choreographer and Pilates instructor. He started the class off with some stretches set to the beat. After we were properly warmed up, he proceeded to take us through some choreography, step by step. His style was so fluid and funky that it was sometimes hard to keep up with him, but he was consistently aware of the group’s progress and would take time to repeat or slow things down if need be.
IMG_0168                 IMG_0187
After an hour, we had completed a short dance routine that looked cool when Walid did it, but more like Gangnam Style when I did. I did not expect this to be a major workout, but by the end of it we were all soaked in sweat.
The class itself was very fun, but what I loved the most about going down to Capella Club was the ambience. The club’s owners Leah and Meryem envisioned Capella to be a place where a community is brought together by music, dance, and martial arts. When we were down there, the lobby was filled with people just hanging around, not waiting for a class but simply enjoying the music and each other’s company. Capella is truly a community club that is achieving its goal of creating its own little community.

{The facts}
Activity: Hip Hop Ragga
Provider: Capella Club
Location: Dubai Marina
Timing: Wednesdays at 8 pm
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 75 AED
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2 thoughts on “Learning {Hip Hop Ragga}

  1. Hi Thecurveme,
    Cool Post, I used to be into making films, so I had a list of colleges I knew for film to try to enter and go in. But now I changed and I want to be a hip hop artist/musician, what colleges are there out to learn hip hop further?
    BTW great blogpost

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