A Curve Catch Up with {Holiztik.com}

There are days when we all have had enough of our jobs and wonder if there’s more to life than the daily grind. That question stuck with Timothy Bataillie and Elvin Demir long enough to convince them to finally trade in their comfortable, mainstream lifestyle for a less traditional one that was dedicated to yoga.

The remarkable improvement they’ve seen in their lives is now driving them to share their knowledge with others through intense workshops held quarterly in Dubai. We caught up with the couple and learned a little more about Holiztik.com and how yoga changed their lives.


Q: You both had originally set off on different paths in life but decided to dedicate your time fully to yoga only recently. What brought on this decision?

A: It’s a few things that came together and made us decide to make the jump into the unknown.

Timothy was on a fast track career and doing splendidly according to the norms of modern society. Managing Director position at the age of 29, high-level salary and international lifestyle. But something just kept nagging: a kind of emptiness and a feeling of dissatisfaction in life. Is this really what life is about? What is the purpose? Where is the spirit?

Elvin was always better connected to her spiritual self. During her Masters studies in medical anthropology she also specialized in consciousness-studies. When she finished her masters, it was the perfect time for both of us to go on a quest of how we could build a life that incorporates more balance, spirituality and fulfillment. As we were already sold on Yoga, that seemed the most obvious path to explore. So Timothy quit his job and took a sabattical. Initially the plan was to do this for some months. Meanwhile going back to corporate life just doesn’t seem an option anymore.

Q: How has this decision changed your lives?

Well… big time, on many levels. And it is still changing every day. We are still finding out day-by-day where this is going. Health wise Timothy lost about 17 kg and was able to significantly improve and hopefully soon heal completely a chronic kidney disease that was declared incurable in the West. No drugs, just Yoga. Elvin stopped smoking after more than 10 years, feels and looks better than ever. Both of us feel much more solid in life, and have found a sense of peace in whatever happens. We feel that we are currently doing quite well in escaping the hamster wheel and building a conscious, independent and full life


Q: You are husband & wife – has this shared love of yoga strengthened your relationship?

It has definitely strengthened our relationship a lot. As we are both much more in tune with ourselves, we are also able to tune into each other more easily. There is an increased awareness and ever more selfless kind of love between us.

Q: What is your vision for Holiztik.com? And what does the name mean?

Let’s start with the name, as that is very simple. It is just some kind of a phonetic writing of the word ‘holistic’.

Holiztik.com will most probably evolve to be a blog full of valuable information on how to integrate (tantric) Yoga into your life and use it as a powerful system to develop yourself in many ways beyond feeling good in your body. Many people struggle to find a balance between their spirituality and the material world. That is the field where we look for answers and share them. To develop personally and spiritually. Not by renouncing the world to go live in a cave, monastry or ashram but while living a full life. Our workshops will work around different themes related to this.

Q: Are your workshops only for advanced yogis?

A: No, definitely not. They are accessible for beginners as well as for people with quite some Yoga experience. For example in the Healing Yoga workshop we just did in Dubai there was both people with just a few months of Yoga experience as people who had been teaching Yoga themselves for quite some time. Because our style of Yoga is quite unique and hard to find in the West, all of them gave us very positive feedback and felt the workshop really taught them new things.


Q: What can people expect from your workshops?

A: The answer to the previous question already gives you some impression. The workshops are intensive and you get a lot of info and practice in one weekend or day. Most people are amazed by the amount of background they get around for example subtle energies and chakras and how every asana is a way to create resonance with a certain type of energy and a certain chakra. Especially for people who have been practicing a more physically oriented style of Yoga, our workshops can give a whole new dimension. The idea is that people can actually build their own home practice with what they learn in the workshop. And as we plan to visit Dubai every 3 months or so with new workshops and modules that build on each other, they could refresh or add new things to their personal practice every time we come.

Holiztik.com’s final workshops kick off on June 27th, with yogis having the choice of either a one day immersion or full weekend workshop. For first hand inspiration, book your spot on The Curve and get up to a 20% discount! 


Newest {Partners}

Week on week, The Curve’s collection of classes is growing. Our newest providers offer everything from meditation to makeup classes! Here’s a little snapshot of who has come on board with us in the last few weeks:

Pretty Paper Studio

Pretty Paper Studio: Originally an online craft supplies store, PPS now also conducts Scrapbooking workshops for all levels. Classes are kept small and intimate to ensure quality of tuition, so keep an eye out for them and book your spot immediately!

Urban Energy Dubai Logo

Urban Energy Fitness: Established in 2009, Urban Energy Fitness set out to prove that pregnancy does not have to get in the way of your fitness routine. Since then, the company has evolved to include all types of mixed gender fitness classes such as Tabata and Kickboxing.
See classes

Logo Cropped

The Perfect Help: The first company in Dubai to provide comprehensive training services for domestic helpers – maid, nanny, houseboy, cook or driver. Training is a great motivational tool for domestic staff and helps you ensure you get five star service! The Perfect Help now also offers First Aid classes for both parents and domestic helpers, which is an essential skill to have with small children in the house.
See classes

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 11.11.10 AM
 Holiztik.com brings traditional knowledge in a modern format. Their immersive Integral Yoga Workshops offer some of the most potent and esoteric forms of Yoga from India and Tibet. Integral Yoga consists of techniques of Kundalini, Laya and Tantra Yoga. The visiting instructors conduct comprehensive workshops in Dubai, with the next set kicking off on June 28.
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Fitness 360 Logo

Fitness 360°: With state of the art gyms, Fitness 360° believes in providing the highest quality experience while keeping their service personal. Their mission is to help members develop the skills and confidence they need to live healthy, happy and productive lives. Fitness 360° advances the idea that every member has the inherent ability to become fit and feel great, on their own terms. In addition to their mixed gender gyms, they also have a ladies only gym in the heart of Jumeirah to ensure that all their members feel comfortable while working out.
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Blush Dubai Logo

Blush: Applying makeup can be a daunting task for many women, who grow overwhelmed with the amount of shades, brushes, creams, and lipsticks! Blush Dubai demystifies makeup for women with beauty workshops that are accessible and affordable.  Their next workshop runs on July 2, but you can also arrange private group sessions for you and your friends in the comfort of your own home!
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The Third Eye Dubai Logo

The Third Eye: The Third Eye is a Mind, Body & Energy Center that offers meditation, yoga, self-development, healing, wellness activities and services. Mission: Going inward- reflecting outward! Join their weekly meditation sessions to break away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai city life.
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Do you teach classes in Dubai? Would you like to join our family of partners? If so, please email info[at]thecurve-me[dot]com with a brief overview of your business. 

June 2013 | {Good Magazine}

So happy to have been featured in Good Magazine’s inaugural issue. This magazine is a breath of fresh air in the publishing scene and focuses on how to live a “good” life in the UAE without over indulging. With shopping basket comparisons and DIY projects, we already love the direction this mag is taking. Also, the fact that they named us as one of their “good ideas” is definitely icing on the cake 🙂

Ditch the mall crawl, take a class this summer instead!

As the summer sets in, the population of the UAE goes into hibernation. When the humidity thickens, the road traffic thins out and the malls fill up. Year on year the UAE hides out in these air conditioned havens, thirsty for something to do that won’t leave them needing 3 showers a day. Months of this not only impact our wallets but also our waistlines (ahem Shake Shack overdose anyone?).

While the malls can be a good option to escape the heat, we at The Curve have so many more for you to try that won’t deflate your wallets or inflate your waistlines. Here are 5 options we recommend:

1. Water Sports


What better way to beat the heat than hitting the water? Head out to play on the waves with these wakeboarding, water skiing, and wake surfing classes!

2. Photography


The majority of people say they’d like to learn photography. Some even go so far as to buy a DSLR that they keep on Auto mode. Why not finally take that desire off the backburner and sign up to a short photography course this summer? Your holiday shots will definitely look a lot better afterwards.

3. Muay Thai


Or any other martial arts for that matter! Summer is a time to get fit, and Muay Thai is a high intensity sport that will definitely help you do that!

4. Organic Cooking


Ok so we said these classes wouldn’t impact your waistline, but hey if it’s going to be a food related activity it might as well be a healthy and organic, right? Bonus: everyone in the class gets a free basket of organic produce to take home courtesy of The Green League!

5. The Psychology of Successful Weight Loss


If fitness or healthy eating don’t help you keep the pounds off this summer, then maybe it’s time to test the old adage “mind over matter.” In this one off workshop on June 22, you will learn to build a healthy mental foundation that will be the key to future weight loss.

If these classes won’t drag you away from your regular Summer routine, check out the hundreds of others on http://www.thecurve-me.com and we’re sure you’ll find something that will!

Learning {to sew}

Growing up, I always took for granted that my mom could sew anything. From hemming our pants to elaborate fairy princess Halloween costumes, my mother was unstoppable with a sewing machine.

Aside from a few home economics classes in school and a few buttons I’ve had to sew on here and there, I’ve never really been much of a seamstress. After moving to Dubai, the ease and low cost of having a tailor make all my clothes alternations made it even less interesting for me to learn to sew, which was considered an essential skill by my mom’s generation.

This all changed when I met Theresa and Paula from reMADE DXB a few months ago to discuss listing their classes on The Curve. Stepping into their Sewing Parlor was like joining a vintage tea party in a crafter’s heaven. Buttons, bobbins, and biscuits were in abundance, and just being in the room made me itch to make something with my hands.

So when the ladies decided to offer an Intro to Hand Sewing class as part of our mamacademy series, I immediately booked the class. The 2.5 hour workshop is suitable for absolute beginners and includes all materials and light refreshments.  The objective was to sew a lavender filled hanging heart or bird.

Getting ready to start!

reMADE’s classes are intimate to ensure the quality of the tuition. This class was no exception, and with its small size the focus from instructor Paula was undivided. She started us off with stacks of pre-cut material that we could choose from and asked us to select two pieces for our work, which we cut into heart shapes.


Afterwards, she showed us how to use a straight stitch to sew the two pieces together. While this seems like a simple task, it was actually a meticulous one to keep the stitches the same size and wrap around the edges of the curved heart.

When we had nearly finished stitching around the edges, we stuffed the heart with cotton and lavender before sealing it off. Embellishments came next, and I chose buttons to add a little shabby chic to my heart. The final touch was a ribbon to hang our creations with.


The final result gave me a twinge of pride, as it had been so long since I had created something with my own hands. I realized that no matter how easy it is for us to find people to help us with things in the UAE, it still is important to remember how good it feels to make something yourself. Don’t believe me? Take one of reMADE DXB’s classes and see for yourself!

{The facts}
Activity: Crafting
Provider: reMADE DXB
Location: Objects & Elements Gallery, Al Quoz
Timing: Varies
Duration: Varies (on average 2.5 hours)
Price: Varies (on average 145 AED- 225 AED)
Book upcoming classes

First TV Interview for The Curve!


I was recently interviewed by Dubai One about my experience as an entrepreneur in Dubai and how I went about setting up The Curve Middle East. Here is the clip of the interview – enjoy!

Big thanks to Priyanka Dutt and the Emirates 24/7 team for the great segment!