Learning {to sew}

Growing up, I always took for granted that my mom could sew anything. From hemming our pants to elaborate fairy princess Halloween costumes, my mother was unstoppable with a sewing machine.

Aside from a few home economics classes in school and a few buttons I’ve had to sew on here and there, I’ve never really been much of a seamstress. After moving to Dubai, the ease and low cost of having a tailor make all my clothes alternations made it even less interesting for me to learn to sew, which was considered an essential skill by my mom’s generation.

This all changed when I met Theresa and Paula from reMADE DXB a few months ago to discuss listing their classes on The Curve. Stepping into their Sewing Parlor was like joining a vintage tea party in a crafter’s heaven. Buttons, bobbins, and biscuits were in abundance, and just being in the room made me itch to make something with my hands.

So when the ladies decided to offer an Intro to Hand Sewing class as part of our mamacademy series, I immediately booked the class. The 2.5 hour workshop is suitable for absolute beginners and includes all materials and light refreshments.  The objective was to sew a lavender filled hanging heart or bird.

Getting ready to start!

reMADE’s classes are intimate to ensure the quality of the tuition. This class was no exception, and with its small size the focus from instructor Paula was undivided. She started us off with stacks of pre-cut material that we could choose from and asked us to select two pieces for our work, which we cut into heart shapes.


Afterwards, she showed us how to use a straight stitch to sew the two pieces together. While this seems like a simple task, it was actually a meticulous one to keep the stitches the same size and wrap around the edges of the curved heart.

When we had nearly finished stitching around the edges, we stuffed the heart with cotton and lavender before sealing it off. Embellishments came next, and I chose buttons to add a little shabby chic to my heart. The final touch was a ribbon to hang our creations with.


The final result gave me a twinge of pride, as it had been so long since I had created something with my own hands. I realized that no matter how easy it is for us to find people to help us with things in the UAE, it still is important to remember how good it feels to make something yourself. Don’t believe me? Take one of reMADE DXB’s classes and see for yourself!

{The facts}
Activity: Crafting
Provider: reMADE DXB
Location: Objects & Elements Gallery, Al Quoz
Timing: Varies
Duration: Varies (on average 2.5 hours)
Price: Varies (on average 145 AED- 225 AED)
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2 thoughts on “Learning {to sew}

  1. Thank you so much for your articulate and eloquent account of your visit to The Sewing Parlour. We loved your brownies too so you can come anytime!

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