July 2013 | MyStartupWorld.com

We had a chat with MyStartupWorld.com about The Curve’s startup story. Read the full interview on their site.

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My Startup World The Curve Interview


July 24, 2013 | Dubai Eye 103.8

I got the chance to chat about lifelong learning and adult education with Zahra Soar on Education Matters on Dubai Eye 103.8. Listen to clip 1 & 2 on this link to hear the interview.

99 ways to cope with {stress}

1. Get up early | 2. Plan Ahead | 3. Avoid tight clothes | 4. Avoid chemical aids | 5. Set appointments | 6. Write it down | 7. Practice preventative maintenance | 8. Make duplicate keys | 9. Say no more often | 10. Set Priorities | 11. Avoid negative people | 12. Use time wisely | 13. Simplify meals | 14. Copy important papers | 15. Anticipate needs | 16. Make repairs | 17. Get help with jobs you dislike | 18. Break down large tasks | 19. Look at problems as challenges | 20. Look at challenges differently | 21. Unclutter your life | 22. Smile | 23. Prepare for rain | 24. Tickle a baby | 25. Pet a dog or cat | 26. Don’t know all the answers | 27. Look for the silver lining.  | 28. Say something nice | 29. Teach a kid to fly a kite | 30. Walk in the rain | 31. Schedule play time | 32. Take a bubble bath | 33. Be aware of your decisions | 34. Believe in yourself | 35. Stop talking negatively | 36. Visualize winning | 37. Develop a sense of humour | 38. Rub a worry stone | 39. Have goals | 40. Dance a jig | 41. Say hello to a stranger | 42. Ask a friend for a hug | 43. Look at the stars | 44. Breathe slowly | 45. Watch a ballet |  46. Whistle a tune | 47. Read a poem | 48. Listen to a symphony | 49. Read a book | 50. Do something new | 51. Stop a bad habit | 52. Buy a flower | 53. Smell the flowers | 54. Find a venting partner | 55. Do it today | 56. Be optimistic | 57. Put safety first | 58. Do things in moderation | 59. Strive for excellence not perfection | 60. Stretch your limits | 61. Enjoy art | 62. Hum a jingle | 63. Maintain your weight | 64. Plant a tree | 65. Feed the birds | 66. Practice grace | 67. Stretch | 68. Have a Plan B | 69. Doodle | 70. Learn a joke | 71. Know your feelings | 72. Meet your needs | 73. Know your limits | 74. Say “have a good day” in pig latin | 75. Throw a paper airplane | 76. Exercise | 77. Learn a new song | 78. Get to work earlier | 79. Clean a closet | 80. Play with a child | 81. Go on a picnic | 82. Drive on different routes | 83. Leave work early | 84. Put air freshener in your car | 85. Watch a move and eat popcorn | 86. Write a distant friend | 87. Go to a ball game and cheer | 88. Eat a meal by candlelight | 89. Recognize the importance of unconditional love | 90. Remember: STRESS IS AN ATTITUDE | 91: Keep a journal | 92. Share a monster smile | 93. remember you options | 94. Build a support network | 95. Quit trying to fix people | 96. Get enough sleep | 97. Talk less and listen more | 98. Praise others | 99. Relax and take each day at a time. 

Stay active this {Ramadan}

Ramadan Kareem from The Curve Team! May the holy month bring you and your family peace and blessings.

Ramadan is often mistakenly treated as a “pause button” for day to day life. There are still many ways to keep your mind & body active during the holy month, and The Curve offers many classes that can help the daytime hours fly by. Here are just a few ideas! 

Keep Your Body Active


Yoga is a great low impact exercise that you can even practice while fasting. Yoga will not only help keep your muscles toned this month, but also help you stay focused and centered, which is so important in the holy month. 


Ramadan doesn’t need to slow your fitness routine! If you want an intensive post-iftar workout, try martial arts. You’ll burn off loads of calories, but make sure you don’t over-eat before taking the class to avoid discomfort. 

Keep Your Mind Active


Ramadan is family time, and don’t you think it’s time you learned to take great family pictures? Take an intro to photography class this Ramadan and finally master your DSLR camera! Two day workshops are scheduled for every weekend of the month. 

Crafting is a wonderful way to keep your time occupied while fasting during Ramadan. Choose from one of the many different skills on offer: knitting, crocheting, embroidery, decoupage, and much much more! 

Ramadan is a month of reflection and thankfulness, not an excuse to be lazy and put your life on hold. Stay active and let us help you find a new passion!

A Curve Experience: {One on One Guided Meditation}

Dubai is quite a hectic city, and it is easy to get sucked into the hamster wheel. While we all like to decompress in different ways, meditation is by far one of the best ways to relieve daily stress and keep yourself centered.


Last week Salma El-Shurafa, a career and leadership development coach & entrepreneur, decided she needed a little zen and booked a One on One Guided Meditation session with The Third Eye center through thecurve-me.com. Here’s what she had to say about her experience!

Q: Why did you choose to try meditation?
A: I always wanted to try meditation classes. I was curious for the longest time “How beneficial is it really?”. I experienced it through some self-development programs I signed up for and it got me intrigued. Meditation is a great way of life and is an amazing way to get you focused, grounded and clear the clutter in your mind/body. It connects you to your being. I started to research one-on-one guided meditation class to get the most out of my session and to provide me the best techniques. I was happy to find it on your website and I couldn’t wait to try it.

Q: What was your initial reaction when you started the class?
A: I didn’t expect to find a center like that in the middle of bustling Sheikh Zayed Road! The center had a very friendly environment and I felt at ease.

Q: How was the instructor?
A: The instructor was really good and professional. He knew what he was talking about. He helped me understand what mediation is all about and the different types. He was very patient and went through everything step by step.

Q: Did you feel you benefitted from this class?
A: Yes I did. I loved it. I will start practicing more often and get the basics so I can sign up for the other types of meditation techniques.

Q: Would you go again?
A: Yes I would.

Q: How was your booking experience with The Curve?
A: It was straight forward and easy!

If you think you could benefit from meditation, check out the different meditation experiences on offer!

{The facts}
Activity: One on One Guided Meditation
Provider: The Third Eye
Location: Saeed Tower II, Sheikh Zayed Road
Timing: At your discretion. The center manager will call you with 24 hours of when you book to set up a session for you.
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 100 AED
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