A Curve Catch Up with {Rob Forster}

Rob Forster is one of the highly qualified trainers at Urban Energy Fitness, one of The Curve’s great fitness partners. Originally from the UK, Rob has been in the fitness industry since 2002 and is a Level 3 personal trainer. He took the time to chat with us about his experience in fitness and about one of the hottest new workout trends around: Tabata.

Rob Forster Urban Energy

Q: Tell us a little about yourself – How did you get into the fitness industry?
 I’ve been into fitness since a young boy and have always turned my hand to any form of sport from athletics to tennis, rugby and golf. Because of this, gym exercise has come hand in hand with my sports which I love. I started out as a gym instructor after finishing my National Diploma in sports and exercise science.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a fitness instructor?
My favourite thing about being a fitness instructor is meeting different people and seeing them get results and sometimes change their lives.

Q: Tabata sounds like a really interesting exercise – is it true that it only lasts four minutes?
Tabata is a fantastic workout based on 4 minute intervals of work, where you do a blast of exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds for a total of 8 rounds. You can use any combination of exercises you like. It’s a great way to burn calories and afterwards you feel like you’ve done a great workout.

Q: What makes this form of exercise so special?
This form of exercise is special in the way you can do it where ever you are with as much or little equipment there is. You can even complete a great Tabata workout with no equipment at all!

Q: Who do you recommend it for?
 Tabata is for any fitness levels because everyone works to their own ability as it’s all about what you can do in that 20 seconds! It’s great for people who want to either lose weight, tone up, get fit or all three!

You get try out this new fitness trend every Wednesday at 8:30 AM. Book your session with  Rob today!

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