{Monday Musings} How Do You Unwind?

The idea for The Curve came to me in 2012 when I realized that I was stuck in a routine of work, eat, sleep. Dubai’s corporate rat race had drained me to the point where I did not have the energy to invest in my personal development, and so I convinced myself that I didn’t have the time. When I started to really think about it and assessed how I spend my time, I was ashamed at how much time I wasted in front of screens- TV, computers, phones – all in an attempt to unwind.

It felt justified to spend so much time glued to the TV. After all, working 10 hour days in a fast paced business was mentally exhausting that settling in front of the TV felt like a good way to switch off and unwind. But I had to ask myself the question: is this the only way I know how to unwind?

I began to investigate other things that could potentially serve as an equally relaxing substitute. Soon I found myself going to the gym more after work, working on DIY projects for my house, trying new dance classes, and so much more. Not only were these activities equally relaxing for me, but they were also mentally stimulating on a personal level. I began to feel more fulfilled, satisfied with the way I was spending my time, and above all happy.

So many of us convince ourselves that being sedentary after work and switching our brains off is the only way we can shake off our daily stress, but in reality there are unlimited options out there to help us unwind. If like me you are spending way too much time in front of the TV or computer after work, try doing something different one night a week after work and you’ll soon find yourself more energetic, equally relaxed, and probably hungry for more!

If you’re lacking some inspiration, you can always head on over to our site and browse hundreds of classes to try!

Keep growing,

If you’d like to contribute to our Monday Musings feature with a piece on lifelong learning, work-life balance, hobbies, or anything related, please email info@thecurve-me.com

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