A Curve Experience: {Zumba with BNF}

Our intern Farah is an avid (and very talented!) dancer, so when we signed BNF Dance Company as one of our newest providers, we knew that she HAD to be the one to try their classes. A few weeks ago we sent her to check out their weekly Zumba sessions, and here’s what she had to say about it!


As I am a huge lover of dance and music, I was pretty excited to attend a Zumba class with our new provider and partner BNF Dance Company at Knowledge Village. BNF specializes in providing quality choreography and routines for shows and events in addition to offering dance and dance fitness classes. Most of their team originates from Latin America, and you can really feel the Latin vibe in everything they do!

BNF Dance Company The CurveZumba is a Latin inspired dance class that uses high-energy music and is designed to teach you dance moves while sweating off the calories. When I first entered, I could instantly sense how excited everyone was and that rubbed off on me. We started with some stretching and then the music picked up and the dancing began. The class was so energetic and fun that I did not really feel like I was exercising, but at the same time I was sweating so much.

The instructor Laura Arboleda is a phenomenal dancer and was really energetic throughout, which was great as instructors always have a huge influence on the quality of the class. My friends had told me that Zumba is easy and may become repetitive, but I did not get that sense from this class at all! Warning: If it’s your first time to take this type of class, it may not be very easy for you to pick up choreography quickly but you definitely will by the end of the class.


Zumba is perfect for people who want to work out, but need something a little more engaging than a regular fitness class. In my opinion what’s great about Zumba is that there is no thinking needed-just feel the music and dance!

{The facts}
Activity: Zumba
Provider: BNF
Location: Office G04, Building 12, Dubai Knowledge Village, Al Sufouh
Timing: Monday & Wednesday at 18:00
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 50 AED
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{Monday Musings} From the Office to the Great Outdoors

Can your hobby become a full time career? This is a question we pondered a few weeks ago, and today our first guest writer for Monday Musings gives us another resounding YES. Circumstances pushed Noura El Imam, founder of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai, from a corporate role in marketing to a more ‘flexible’ career, and the results have been beyond her expectations!


Waking up everyday to doing something that you love to do is a complete blessing, but it’s definitely not an easy ride. I took my 6 years background of marketing and business (with a sprinkle of psychology) and my passion for health, fitness and wellness to bring about Yogalates Bliss in Dubai, offering a fusion of outdoor yoga and pilates classes on the stunning private terrace at Fraser Suites where the ocean, stars and sunshine is our setting. I’ve also been hosting top caliber Yoga Teacher Trainings and workshops led by international Yoga expert teachers from the US, North America and further. Connecting with yoga experts registered teachers across the world to invite them to our sandy shores is such a rewarding experience when you meet the people who inspire you the most and even better, watching your trainees walk away as confident & happy yoga graduates (teachers).

Nour El Imam The Curve

I love yoga and pilates as my company represents, but I also balance it all out with more active hobbies such as horse riding, SUP, wall climbing, trekking, swimming in the ocean, and going for long midday walks with friends. I also love creating new recipes! It’s my therapeutic outlet and sharing it with clients through my food blog is very rewarding when they comment and recreate the dish at home. Photography is another passion of mine and recently I have started yoga photography snapping my trainees in visually stunning settings, poses to enhance their portfolio which has been received very well!

While I don’t work a strict 9-5, I make sure at this stage that I balance out my personal and work life in a healthy manner. I have to confess, I appreciate that my weekends are workdays in Dubai and vice versa. If I need to break at 1pm on a workweek and step out to the beach, it is nice and quiet!

Noura El Imam The Curve

I honestly believe that if you put your heart and hard work into your passion – you’ll get the rewards back when clients enjoy their experience with you, when other businesses want to collaborate with you, when a company wants to sponsor you for their brand, and when simply you wake up challenged with work which is what fuels real passion.

Noura El-Imam is the founder of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai, brand ambassador for eco-friendly Carrot, Banana and Peach yoga apparel and partners with Greenheart Organic Farms.