A Curve Catch Up with {Rob Forster}

Rob Forster is one of the highly qualified trainers at Urban Energy Fitness, one of The Curve’s great fitness partners. Originally from the UK, Rob has been in the fitness industry since 2002 and is a Level 3 personal trainer. He took the time to chat with us about his experience in fitness and about one of the hottest new workout trends around: Tabata.

Rob Forster Urban Energy

Q: Tell us a little about yourself – How did you get into the fitness industry?
 I’ve been into fitness since a young boy and have always turned my hand to any form of sport from athletics to tennis, rugby and golf. Because of this, gym exercise has come hand in hand with my sports which I love. I started out as a gym instructor after finishing my National Diploma in sports and exercise science.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a fitness instructor?
My favourite thing about being a fitness instructor is meeting different people and seeing them get results and sometimes change their lives.

Q: Tabata sounds like a really interesting exercise – is it true that it only lasts four minutes?
Tabata is a fantastic workout based on 4 minute intervals of work, where you do a blast of exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds for a total of 8 rounds. You can use any combination of exercises you like. It’s a great way to burn calories and afterwards you feel like you’ve done a great workout.

Q: What makes this form of exercise so special?
This form of exercise is special in the way you can do it where ever you are with as much or little equipment there is. You can even complete a great Tabata workout with no equipment at all!

Q: Who do you recommend it for?
 Tabata is for any fitness levels because everyone works to their own ability as it’s all about what you can do in that 20 seconds! It’s great for people who want to either lose weight, tone up, get fit or all three!

You get try out this new fitness trend every Wednesday at 8:30 AM. Book your session with  Rob today!


A Curve Catch Up with {Krista Degaetano}

With Contemporary dance still in its infancy in the UAE, Krista Degaetano, the founder of Contemporary Dance Dubai, is regarded as one of the pioneers of the dance style in the country. We sat down with her to hear more about her journey in the world of dance.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself – where were you born & raised?
A: I was born in Malta and grew up with my other 6 brothers till I moved to The U.K to study Contemporary Dance and achieve my dream of becoming a professional dancer and choreographer.


Q: How did your interest in dance start?
I loved dance, singing and performing from a very young age. I used to choreograph and direct small shows for my family from the age of 6. At the age of 13 I was already performing semi professionally for the Maltese National Theatre doing 3 shows a year. At 16 I was already in a Contemporary dance company based in Malta, and at 20 I was off to the U.K to do two dance degrees. I knew exactly what I wanted to do straight away. Guess you can say I was born a dancer & a performer.

6 Thirteen Thirty Five (Professional)-25

Q: Why did you choose contemporary as the style of dance to focus on?
A: I fell in love with Contemporary when I was in Cambridge studying Musical Theatre. We had all the styles under the sun to learn and I felt most free, felt like I could express myself and my art through Contemporary dance. I then decided to get a degree in just that. I have never looked back.


Q: When did you move to Dubai and why did you choose to come here?
A: I came to Dubai purely by chance. I believe in destiny, and life brought me here 4 years ago on holiday. I saw how Dubai needed more art and dance, and I saw how frustrated artists and dancers were by not having enough professional dance in Dubai. I saw how there was no Contemporary dance here and decided to pioneer it.  I get so much satisfaction from watching people express themselves and learn that I found Dubai to be the perfect home for my art.

Q: How is the contemporary dance scene in Dubai? Do you see progress?
Contemporary dance scene is still very small compared to other parts of the world. I have found that once people take the step to simply try it, they see their work transform as they really do get addicted to this style of dance. The hard part I have found is getting people to try it. This is slowly developing, and I have enjoyed instructing with over 400 passionate dancers over the last 3 years. I know this will develop further, and I am thrilled to be here to witness it.

10 Secret Agent (Intermediate - Advanced)

Q: What do you think someone benefits from learning contemporary dance?
A: Contemporary dance has it all. It uses a strong technical foundation, so dancers become more aligned and therefore able to achieve so many dance steps . Contemporary is one of the most original dance forms as although it has a base technique, there are no limitations therefore it is constantly changing, moving, becoming more innovative. Keeps dance exciting and fresh. Contemporary dance keeps you super fit as you are up in the air one second and rolling on the floor the next. You gain so much strength and core stability for ultimate fitness. Contemporary allows you to release and express yourself almost therapeutic. I guess you just have to try it.And when you do, please choose your class wisely. Please learn from professionals. Those that have an in depth education on the technique and have studied intensely.

Contemporary Dance Dubai’s new term starts in September with booking available on The Curve. 

A Curve Catch Up with {Holiztik.com}

There are days when we all have had enough of our jobs and wonder if there’s more to life than the daily grind. That question stuck with Timothy Bataillie and Elvin Demir long enough to convince them to finally trade in their comfortable, mainstream lifestyle for a less traditional one that was dedicated to yoga.

The remarkable improvement they’ve seen in their lives is now driving them to share their knowledge with others through intense workshops held quarterly in Dubai. We caught up with the couple and learned a little more about Holiztik.com and how yoga changed their lives.


Q: You both had originally set off on different paths in life but decided to dedicate your time fully to yoga only recently. What brought on this decision?

A: It’s a few things that came together and made us decide to make the jump into the unknown.

Timothy was on a fast track career and doing splendidly according to the norms of modern society. Managing Director position at the age of 29, high-level salary and international lifestyle. But something just kept nagging: a kind of emptiness and a feeling of dissatisfaction in life. Is this really what life is about? What is the purpose? Where is the spirit?

Elvin was always better connected to her spiritual self. During her Masters studies in medical anthropology she also specialized in consciousness-studies. When she finished her masters, it was the perfect time for both of us to go on a quest of how we could build a life that incorporates more balance, spirituality and fulfillment. As we were already sold on Yoga, that seemed the most obvious path to explore. So Timothy quit his job and took a sabattical. Initially the plan was to do this for some months. Meanwhile going back to corporate life just doesn’t seem an option anymore.

Q: How has this decision changed your lives?

Well… big time, on many levels. And it is still changing every day. We are still finding out day-by-day where this is going. Health wise Timothy lost about 17 kg and was able to significantly improve and hopefully soon heal completely a chronic kidney disease that was declared incurable in the West. No drugs, just Yoga. Elvin stopped smoking after more than 10 years, feels and looks better than ever. Both of us feel much more solid in life, and have found a sense of peace in whatever happens. We feel that we are currently doing quite well in escaping the hamster wheel and building a conscious, independent and full life


Q: You are husband & wife – has this shared love of yoga strengthened your relationship?

It has definitely strengthened our relationship a lot. As we are both much more in tune with ourselves, we are also able to tune into each other more easily. There is an increased awareness and ever more selfless kind of love between us.

Q: What is your vision for Holiztik.com? And what does the name mean?

Let’s start with the name, as that is very simple. It is just some kind of a phonetic writing of the word ‘holistic’.

Holiztik.com will most probably evolve to be a blog full of valuable information on how to integrate (tantric) Yoga into your life and use it as a powerful system to develop yourself in many ways beyond feeling good in your body. Many people struggle to find a balance between their spirituality and the material world. That is the field where we look for answers and share them. To develop personally and spiritually. Not by renouncing the world to go live in a cave, monastry or ashram but while living a full life. Our workshops will work around different themes related to this.

Q: Are your workshops only for advanced yogis?

A: No, definitely not. They are accessible for beginners as well as for people with quite some Yoga experience. For example in the Healing Yoga workshop we just did in Dubai there was both people with just a few months of Yoga experience as people who had been teaching Yoga themselves for quite some time. Because our style of Yoga is quite unique and hard to find in the West, all of them gave us very positive feedback and felt the workshop really taught them new things.


Q: What can people expect from your workshops?

A: The answer to the previous question already gives you some impression. The workshops are intensive and you get a lot of info and practice in one weekend or day. Most people are amazed by the amount of background they get around for example subtle energies and chakras and how every asana is a way to create resonance with a certain type of energy and a certain chakra. Especially for people who have been practicing a more physically oriented style of Yoga, our workshops can give a whole new dimension. The idea is that people can actually build their own home practice with what they learn in the workshop. And as we plan to visit Dubai every 3 months or so with new workshops and modules that build on each other, they could refresh or add new things to their personal practice every time we come.

Holiztik.com’s final workshops kick off on June 27th, with yogis having the choice of either a one day immersion or full weekend workshop. For first hand inspiration, book your spot on The Curve and get up to a 20% discount!