Make Time for What Makes You Happy

“I don’t have time for a hobby” is an something we hear on a daily basis here at The Curve. While it’s true that daily life and work do often overwhelm us, we have also become a generation that glorifies being busy. Sometimes we spend more time lamenting how busy we are instead of actually tackling our to-do list!

Organizing your time more efficiently can help free up your time and alleviate the burden of your daily tasks. With time to spare it becomes easier to pick up a new language, learn to salsa, or do whatever else has been sitting at the bottom of your wish list for the past few years! Everyone should continue to expand their horizons with new hobbies and with some simple organizational tips you can give yourself the time to do so.

1. Always use a calendar. Having an updated calendar can help you remember what you have scheduled and avoid double committing. Don’t fully book every day either! There are plenty of things that CAN wait until tomorrow.
2. Make a to do list and prioritize your tasks. You don’t need to finish everything at once so having your tasks prioritized will help you know what can be done at a later time thus giving you a bit of free time today.
3. Omit distractions that are not really necessary. Instead of watching TV for four hours a day, watch for an hour and spend the rest of the time on something new! Save the Game of Thrones marathons for the weekend rather than making them a nightly occurrence.
4. Ask for help when needed – four hands finish things much quicker than two!
5. Wake up early. You’d be amazed at how productivity can sometimes do more for your energy than an extra hour of sleep!
6. No matter how much work you may have, make sure you often take the time to take a break and rejuvenate by doing something you love.

There are many important things in life that people tend to forget about and miss out on just because they are underutilizing their time. Once you get organized you may find that you were not really as “busy” as you originally thought!


{Life Clubs UAE}

Life has a way of slipping through our fingers, with days merging with weeks and months. With our busy routines overriding the need for quiet reflection, it’s no wonder that we often remark “where has the year gone!”

One of my personal goals in 2014 is to enjoy each day more, and to be more aware of the passing of time. One of the ways I’ve decided to do that is to take more time to reflect on my life and assess where I am and which direction I’m heading. Lucky for me, one of our newest partners at The Curve, Life Clubs UAE, helps adults do just that.

Established in the UK by Daily Telegraph journalist Nina Grunfeld in 2004, Life Clubs now runs fun and practical workshops around the world that aim to help people get more out of life. Each 1.5 hours session has a different theme, but every single one encourages introspection.

The Life Clubs workbook

The Life Clubs workbook

I joined my first session in November and the objective was to learn to “use your intuition and visualise the future you want”. The atmosphere of the session is very casual, and nothing like group therapy as some people envision it. Dr. Samineh Shaheem, who launched and runs Life Clubs UAE, acts as a fantastic facilitator for each session allowing each attendee to share as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Through various exercises she pushes  each individual to be honest with himself without being intrusive.

2013-11-26 19.39.25By the end of the session, I was amazed at how much I had learned about myself and how useful it was to verbalize things that I already knew subconsciously about my life goals. After the session, I asked the other attendees whether they had benefited from the session and we all agreed that it was eye opening and definitely worth attending regularly to ensure continuous focus on our personal development rather than just letting the year slip away once again.

{The facts}
Activity: Life Clubs 
Provider: Life Clubs UAE
Location: Kawader office 2701, HDS Building, Cluster F, JLT
Timing: Each session is repeated twice a month under one theme.
Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: 150 AED
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