Make Time for What Makes You Happy

“I don’t have time for a hobby” is an something we hear on a daily basis here at The Curve. While it’s true that daily life and work do often overwhelm us, we have also become a generation that glorifies being busy. Sometimes we spend more time lamenting how busy we are instead of actually tackling our to-do list!

Organizing your time more efficiently can help free up your time and alleviate the burden of your daily tasks. With time to spare it becomes easier to pick up a new language, learn to salsa, or do whatever else has been sitting at the bottom of your wish list for the past few years! Everyone should continue to expand their horizons with new hobbies and with some simple organizational tips you can give yourself the time to do so.

1. Always use a calendar. Having an updated calendar can help you remember what you have scheduled and avoid double committing. Don’t fully book every day either! There are plenty of things that CAN wait until tomorrow.
2. Make a to do list and prioritize your tasks. You don’t need to finish everything at once so having your tasks prioritized will help you know what can be done at a later time thus giving you a bit of free time today.
3. Omit distractions that are not really necessary. Instead of watching TV for four hours a day, watch for an hour and spend the rest of the time on something new! Save the Game of Thrones marathons for the weekend rather than making them a nightly occurrence.
4. Ask for help when needed – four hands finish things much quicker than two!
5. Wake up early. You’d be amazed at how productivity can sometimes do more for your energy than an extra hour of sleep!
6. No matter how much work you may have, make sure you often take the time to take a break and rejuvenate by doing something you love.

There are many important things in life that people tend to forget about and miss out on just because they are underutilizing their time. Once you get organized you may find that you were not really as “busy” as you originally thought!


June 2014 | Good’s Home Grown Heroes

In May we received an email from Good Magazine’s editorial team that really blew us away. In all honesty, we had to read it a few times to make sure we understood properly! In the email, we were being asked to feature in Good’s anniversary issue as part of a feature called Home Grown Heroes that aimed to “celebrate some of the UAE’s most exciting people and small companies.” Without a moment’s hesitation we confirmed and are so delighted with the outcome of the feature. Not only do the photos look fabulous, but we are also so humbled to be featured alongside other great tech startups like Careem, Lime & Tonic, Little Majlis, and more!

Growing a startup is a tough and often dark road, so acknowledgements like this are the little beacons of light that keep us going. Big thank you to Helen, Cherith, and the rest of the Good team for including us, and we’re so proud to be a part of your Home Grown Heroes!

Good Magazine Home Grown Heroes









Good Magazine_June 2014 Inside Feature CoverGood Magazine_June 2014 InsideThe Curve Good Magazine Home Grown Heroes Maya Itani


{Monday Musings} From the Office to the Great Outdoors

Can your hobby become a full time career? This is a question we pondered a few weeks ago, and today our first guest writer for Monday Musings gives us another resounding YES. Circumstances pushed Noura El Imam, founder of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai, from a corporate role in marketing to a more ‘flexible’ career, and the results have been beyond her expectations!


Waking up everyday to doing something that you love to do is a complete blessing, but it’s definitely not an easy ride. I took my 6 years background of marketing and business (with a sprinkle of psychology) and my passion for health, fitness and wellness to bring about Yogalates Bliss in Dubai, offering a fusion of outdoor yoga and pilates classes on the stunning private terrace at Fraser Suites where the ocean, stars and sunshine is our setting. I’ve also been hosting top caliber Yoga Teacher Trainings and workshops led by international Yoga expert teachers from the US, North America and further. Connecting with yoga experts registered teachers across the world to invite them to our sandy shores is such a rewarding experience when you meet the people who inspire you the most and even better, watching your trainees walk away as confident & happy yoga graduates (teachers).

Nour El Imam The Curve

I love yoga and pilates as my company represents, but I also balance it all out with more active hobbies such as horse riding, SUP, wall climbing, trekking, swimming in the ocean, and going for long midday walks with friends. I also love creating new recipes! It’s my therapeutic outlet and sharing it with clients through my food blog is very rewarding when they comment and recreate the dish at home. Photography is another passion of mine and recently I have started yoga photography snapping my trainees in visually stunning settings, poses to enhance their portfolio which has been received very well!

While I don’t work a strict 9-5, I make sure at this stage that I balance out my personal and work life in a healthy manner. I have to confess, I appreciate that my weekends are workdays in Dubai and vice versa. If I need to break at 1pm on a workweek and step out to the beach, it is nice and quiet!

Noura El Imam The Curve

I honestly believe that if you put your heart and hard work into your passion – you’ll get the rewards back when clients enjoy their experience with you, when other businesses want to collaborate with you, when a company wants to sponsor you for their brand, and when simply you wake up challenged with work which is what fuels real passion.

Noura El-Imam is the founder of Yogalates Bliss in Dubai, brand ambassador for eco-friendly Carrot, Banana and Peach yoga apparel and partners with Greenheart Organic Farms.

January 13, 2014 |

Oops, we’re a little late in uploading this one! Had a great time chatting with Anita Buys from about The Curve, our story, and why we believe that lifelong learning is essential. We love that she even attended one of our workshops! Thanks Anita!

See the full interview here.

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Need to get in shape? Don’t miss these deals!

Capella Club, The Curve

There always seems to be a good excuse to not head to the gym. Tight deadlines at work, kids’ homework, budget constraints – the list is endless. To help encourage all us slackers to get off our bums and get started on our resolutions (that are already two months overdue, ahem), The Capella Club in Dubai Marina is offering some EXCLUSIVE packages to The Curve users. With a minimum of 50% discount on these packages, can’t really ask for much more to get us to put away the biscuits and pick up the weights!! Check them out and get moving!

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1 Month Unlimited Fitness Classes Originally AED 300, now AED 150
4 Months Unlimited Fitness Classes Originally AED 1000, now AED 500
10 Private Personal Training Sessions Originally AED 2700, now AED 1200
10 Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions Originally AED 5400, now AED 1800

{Urban Energy’s Pre/Post Natal Fitness Classes}

pre natal

Photos courtesy of Urban Energy Fitness

As a newly pregnant woman, I have found that the most common advice is “don’t move too much, sleep a lot, and remember you’re eating for two.” While I’m sure most advice given to pregnant women is dispensed with good intentions, that specific combination sounds like a recipe for a health disaster, and it well and truly is!

Many people are under the impression that pregnant women shouldn’t exercise in order to protect their unborn child. However, the truth is that exercise during pregnancy actually helps you better manage labor and get back into shape more quickly afterwards. Studies have also shows that exercise during pregnancy may actually help in fetal development.

Laurence Arca-Bathe faced the same misconceptions about exercise during pregnancy when she was pregnant and found that trainers were too afraid to work with her for liability issues. Frustrated, she decided to take matters into her own hands and set up Urban Energy Fitness in 2009 to help expectant mums and women who have just delivered stay in shape. Today, the fitness company focuses on both pre & post natal fitness along with marathon training.

Photos courtesy of Urban Energy Fitness

Photos courtesy of Urban Energy Fitness

I booked my first prenatal fitness session today through The Curve, and as I exercised regularly before pregnancy and have stayed active throughout my first few months, I expected a prenatal class to be a breeze. What my mind hadn’t come to terms with yet is that my body is not capable of the same energy exertion now as pre-pregnancy! I was in for a shock.

The session that I attended took place in Safa Park, but classes are also available at The Palm Jumeirah. The instructor Zoe separated the women into pre & post natal groups as the exercises were different. She then guided us through several sets of circuits for the duration of an hour, which included squats, planks, lunges, deadlifts, and even kettleball swings! While she was extremely careful and aware of everyone’s personal situation, she definitely wasn’t lenient! I appreciated her attentiveness and the small class size, as it meant she was always double checking my form to ensure I don’t injure myself.

By the end of the class my legs were on fire and sweat was dripping down my face. I was really tired, but it felt SO good to do a full hour workout again, and I felt safe with Zoe’s supervision. What’s lovely about the class is the mix of women, as having new mums in the group also helps expectant ones have a goal in mind for post-pregnancy. If you’re a new mum, you don’t even have to worry about getting a baby sitter for the duration of the class. Bring your baby along and a member of the Urban Energy team will look after her along with the other children. That’s what I call amazing service!

{The facts}
Activity: Pre & Post Natal Fitness 
Provider: Urban Energy Fitness 
Location: Safa Park or Palm Jumeirah Park
Timing: Safa Park: Sun & Tues at 10:00. Palm Jumeirah: Sun 18:30, Tues 18:30, Fri 09:00
Duration: 1 hours
Price: 85 AED
Book it: Safa Park or Palm Jumeirah Park. A 10 session package is also available for a 100 AED discount. 

Festive Gift Ideas from The Curve

Still stuck figuring out what to get your loved ones for the holidays? Can’t find the perfect gift yet? Why not give the give the gift of learning?

The Curve offers great gift options for people who want to give a  thoughtful present this year. Gifting is simple on the site – all you have to do is click “This is a gift for” on the checkout page and add your recipient’s name. The email receipt will be sent to you and you can choose the perfect moment to surprise your loved one!
Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 11.00.23 AM

Here are just a few fun ideas for the festive season:

2 Hour Wakeboarding Session
wakeboarding pic

This is the perfect gift for your adventurous friends or family members! The 2 hour session can accommodate instruction for up to FIVE people which means you’ll even probably get the chance to tag along for the ride. The coupon is valid for 3 months, so the recipient can book their day on the water at their convenience. 

Crafty Christmas
Beginners Knitting

Your crafty friends will love receiving a Craftland course in their stocking this year! Machine sewing, quilting, knitting – the choice is up to you! Pick the perfect skill and book your friend in for a clever little course.

shutterstock_114693637 For the friend who is always snapping pics at your gatherings, a photography course could be just the thing! Gulf Photo Plus is one of the leading photography studios in the UAE and conducts great introductory courses throughout the year.

Pilates Reformer
Fitness is on nearly everyone’s resolution list every single year! Help a friend make this resolution materialise with Fitness 360’s Pilates Reformer 10 session package. The package is valid for 3 months from the first session so there is plenty of time to get off the couch and work off the holiday pounds!

One on One Guided Meditation
meditation-6After a crazy holiday season, your friends will love you for booking them a private one on one guided meditation session with Third Eye Center. Help them regain some peace and zen with this high value gift!

Private Group Makeup Tutorial

Keep the party season going by booking this package for your friends and have a private makeup tutorial in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for upcoming birthdays, bridal showers, or even baby showers!

Check out these ideas and more on!